You may be interested in listing your home for sale, or simply wish to know what your home is worth.  If you are looking for options to prepare or sell your home, let’s talk.  Reach me easily by phone, or by completing the listing request form below.  My aim is to provide excellent service and I will respond to your request quickly.

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To sell, or not to sell?  There are many reasons to sell your home.  Over the past few years I have heard some of these:  Moving out of Toronto, downsizing, up-sizing because of a growing family,  buying a matrimonial home, buying an investment property, or buying a home with am income suite.  But one things is for sure, to most, buying a home is the single greatest investment you will have.

I understand List With Yuriy might seem catchy, but i hope to emphasize my role in the process.  We all know that every house will sell given enough time and a low enough asking price.  I am not a caretaker, babysitting your home until there is an offer.  I work with you to properly stage your home, then I carefully do the job of selling your home.  Yes, I describe the features and benefits of your home and community, and yes, I aim to gain you the best return on this important investment.

So, list with me.  Whether you are selling your Toronto home and moving a bit further west, or you are buying your first home, looking for a property with income potential, or seeking an investment property.  You may be downsizing or looking for more space to accommodate your growing family.  List with me.

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