I was born and raised in Ukraine. Graduated the National Agrarian University and headed one of the state farms until I immigrated to Canada. Upon arrival I managed a 10,000 hog operating facility and pursued an MBA degree at the same time. Upon completion of the MBA program I joined one of the major banks as an ag/commercial account manager. I’ve honed my skills and expertise in commercial/retail real estate over the past 14 years and provide expert advice when it comes to commercial property financing. During these years I’ve gained knowledge in such areas as reading and understanding of financial statements, appraisals, environmental assessment, market analysis and much more. Over the years involved in the banking industry I’ve gained knowledge about various types of properties from residential to hospitality, retail, office and industrial.

I pride myself on excellent customer service and excellent client retention and repeat business. I am relationship-oriented rather than transaction-oriented and people stay with me because of the relationship.
Whether you’d like to inquire about buying/selling/leasing the property, have a question about commercial/residential real estate, or just want to chat please call me, I DO PICK UP THE PHONE.
Hope to hear from you soon.

On a personal side I love woodworking and enjoy when wood comes to life. I re-purpose wine barrels into end tables, chandeliers, wine racks, etc. If you like fishing I can make you a company on a sunny day. My motto is to provide hassle free all-inclusive experience ty my real estate clients. My goal is to create a passive income stream for your retirement through owning multiple properties. I can hold your hand every step of the way.